Smart Wireless Sensors
Our Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Solutions help businesses monitor their valuable assets remotely.

Any Facility Can Be


Whether it is a production house, a commercial building, an educational institute, a place of worship or a residential building, we at SENSCO have a mission to make your lives safer by offering smart wireless sensors that are able to monitor the temperature, air quality, humidity of the environment, voltage and current of your main lines, air pressure or vibration of HVAC and motors and provide you with alerts via emails for any deviation beyond required conditions. 

Reduce Downtime

Our wireless sensors will inform you of any deviations in workings of your machinery or in the environment which enables you to take actions before an incident happens.

Cost Saving

Reactive measures not only consume a lot of energy but also money. What if you know of an incident before it happens? This is what our sensors can deliver with 24/7 remote monitoring.

Increase Efficiency

Efficiency of your operations could improve greatly with less downtime of your machines. You can manage your inventory better and can produce parts prior to them breaking down.