Commercial Heating & Air Conditioning

When you want to predict maintenance and prevent HVAC failure that consistently results in significant repair or replacement costs and tennat complaints, SENSCO Sensors provide ideal solution

Schools and Educational Inst.

Schools and other institutions need to monitor various conditions to avoid any unforeseen incident. Temperature control, water leakage, proper running of HVAC systems are a few example where SENSCO wireless sensors can provide vital help to avoid any undesirable incidents. 

Server Rooms & Data Centers

Cooling issues and water leaks are two of the top causes of downtime for data centers and server rooms. These are expensive and critical rooms and SENSCO sensors help you avoid any accidents in these facilities.

Pharmaceutical Refrigeration

 State-of-the-art refrigerators and freezers are vital in the biotech and pharmaceutical industry. Lives and money are on the line, so they have to run right for critical contents like vaccines to stay safe 

Food Manufacturing

 For production processes in perishable food manufacturing, maintaining proper food, storage, and environment temperatures is critical. A simple mistake—such as not shutting a door—or a refrigerator unit’s malfunction can cause an entire batch to perish. 

Commercial Building Management

 As a facility manager, it can take a lot of effort to keep up with the maintenance of your fully occupied commercial building. But when you don’t have tenants telling you how well your building is running during the day or you’re not based onsite, you need your building’s things and systems to speak for themselves. 

Retail Store Management

 SENSCO was contacted by a retail store manager where he had issues with water leakage. He not only lost his valuable inventory but also he had to shut the store for days to dry and clean the entire store. Since he installed SENSCO Sensors he again had a leak which was immediately detected and informed that saved him huge sums of money and energy.

Manufacturing and Production

When you are a manufacturing company there are countless areas where SENSCO’s wireless sensing solutions can increase efficiencies and productivity. Our Vibration, AC Current, DC Voltage sensors are among some other sensors that can add great value to your overall safety and productivity goals.

Facility / Property Management

SENSCO was contacted by a property manager looking for a solution to detect water leakage as one of their vacant apartments in an apartment complex had a water heater leak and caused damage to the apartment below. After trial period of using SENSCO sensors, they have then installed numerous sensors across the complex.   

Green House Monitoring

Light, Temperature and Humidity are extremely important factors when it comes to effective production within Greenhouses. SENSCO Sensors are ideal for making sure no accidents happen and all the factors stay within normal conditions.

Places of Worship

Like any other building, any place of worship needs to be well maintained and there is no better solution to monitor conditions remotely than SENSCO wireless monitoring solution.

Warehouse & Storage Facilities

Storage of certain goods require continuous checks on temperature, humidity, water leaks, proper voltages, etc. SENSCO has solution for remote monitoring of your valuable goods and give you alerts the moment any change in the condition happens.